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3 Reasons Why Jogging Is Bad For Fat Loss

I don’t get the appeal of jogging and I never have.

I find it boring, it hurts my knees, and is just a slog all round. I would definitely give up training if that was my main method of staying in shape.

A lot of people do like jogging though.

In fact, a lot of my clients initially lost weight by jogging every day. That was how they kickstarted the whole slimming down process.

However, I can guarantee that most of those clients never quite got the results they were looking for from jogging. Yes, it got them off the couch. Yes, they lost weight. Yes, their waist size got smaller.

But they weren’t very strong. They weren’t very toned. They still had fatty bellies and love handles.

At best, the running changed them from a high fat, low muscle version of themselves, to a low(er) fat, low muscle version of themselves.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again – the key to a successful weight loss plan is to preserve as much muscle as possible.

Muscle helps to give definition, ‘hardness’ and shape to the body.

That’s when the shirts start to fill out better and you start getting compliments from other people.

Muscle also helps to keep your resting metabolism higher and will make it harder to regain fat over the long-term.

While I’m not against the occasional short jog once a week if someone enjoys that, anything more tends to produce poor results.

Here are 3 reasons why jogging is bad for fat loss.

1. Can make the ‘skinny-fat’ situation worse.

Using running as your primary method of fat loss goes against what I’ve written above – protecting and building your muscle reserves.

Excessive jogging may build a small amount of muscle in the legs, but can often lead to the breakdown of muscle elsewhere, especially in the chest, arms and midsection.

You might just end up having noodle arms with a soft belly =/.

2. It’s time-inefficient.

As someone who works all day and is trying to get ahead in your career, maintain a social life with family and friends, and have time to cook/eat healthy, the less time you have to spend actually working out, the better.

Jogging is not an efficient use of your time when it comes to weight loss. To get weight loss results, you need to do a lot of it – but again, what type of weight loss is it giving us?

Usually a lot of fat AND muscle loss.

If we’re losing muscle, then that is a poor return on all our effort.

3. Injuries.

The high impact, repetitive nature of running can cause annoying, niggling injuries that will keep you out of training.

Constant pounding of foot to floor can cause shin splints, ankle issues, knee issues, hip issues, and lower back injuries.

This is compounded by the fact that most people probably don’t have optimal running technique.


So what can you do to mitigate the above factors?

I always recommend alternating your type of cardio to avoid over-use injuries.

Use the assault bike, the ski-erg, the cross trainer, bodyweight circuits, and jog only occasionally. Mix things up.

I’m also of the opinion it’s better to take a brisk walk or do a short sprinting session rather than simply jog. The jogging is the in-between where most of the problems occur.

The brisk walk will still provide the benefits of calorie burning and a slightly elevated heart rate without tearing up your joints, while the sprints will do wonders to preserve your muscle, boost your metabolism and really work your heart.

And as always, the foundation of your training regime should be at least 3 days of weight training.

This will give you the best pay-off in the long run – it’ll be easier to lose the fat and keep it off, plus you’ll actually look better in the process.

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