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A Classic Beginner’s Mistake In The Gym

Men like to rush.

They want everything fast.

Fast money, fast cars, fast women, and fast results.

But as a beginner in the gym, fast is the last thing you want to focus on.

In this age of OfficeBod, too many guys hit the gym on their first day with an ego the size of Donald Trump’s and start trying to hoist weight they have no business hoisting.

The reps are sloppy, jerky, and ultimately ineffective.

Ego is the enemy of progress in pretty much any worthwhile pursuit. Walk into any martial arts gym with an ego on the first day and you will be humbled very quickly.

While the humbling might not be as obvious when it comes to lifting weights, if you have made zero progress and look exactly the same 6 months down the road, that should be humbling in itself.

Here is my best advice to guys starting out in the gym:


Lighten the weight, slow down your reps, and master the technique.

For example, on a dumbbell bench press, I’ll have someone count down 3 seconds on the negative part of the lift (the way down).

This promotes control and will really get you to feel the chest muscles working as it goes through the stretch.

I know some of you reading this have gone to the gym for years and still can’t see any muscle definition at all. I promise you, doing your reps like this will be a game changer, especially as a beginner.

I’ve seen my best results in terms of muscle shape and size, by really slowing things down and feeling what’s going on. Plus this approach will save your joints too.

There’s a time and a place for fast and heavy, but it’s generally not as a beginner.


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