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Jump Lift Sprint Will Help You Lose Weight, Get Stronger, And Feel Better

  • Do you feel sluggish, low on energy and guilty every time you eat another Chinese takeaway or have biscuits in the office?
  • Do you constantly tell yourself you need to start working out and eating better, but lack motivation and don't know where to start?
  • Have you seen your health and physique slowly declining over the years - beer belly, man boobs, 'office' posture, out of breath kicking a ball with your friends or children?
  • Do you feel like you're wasting away working and not doing much else?

Working out and being physical is an extremely important part of being a man. Despite what modern day propaganda may tell you, being lean, muscular and healthy is a vital part of being a self-sufficient male.

The problem is most guys are time-poor, bombarded with information and just don't know where to start. Men's Health, Fitness Youtubers, Calorie Counting, Social Media 'Influencers' - it's overwhelming and leads to 'paralysis by analysis'.

Having clear to follow expert guidance from a coach who understands your struggle will make things simple for you The training sessions and lifestyle adjustments will be specifically designed to help you boost testosterone, lose weight and get stronger. And finally start to feel good again.

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I'm Mustafa, and when it comes to working in an office, feeling sluggish, depressed and seeing my love-handles grow, I've been there. Not only have I been there, but I have worked with hundreds of men in exactly the same boat.

I've seen friends I went to school with completely let themselves go, and know people in their early thirties taking cholesterol and diabetes medication.


Family duties, overworking, 'cheeky' Nandos, Netflix.. life can be very busy.

I get it, but as men we have to look after ourselves first or we can't look after others.

My mission is to help busy modern day men reclaim their bodies and ultimately, their well-being.

  • Simpler
  • I believe in keeping things simple. Short, sharp lifting sessions with cardio to finish, and effective eating strategies without having to count calories (unless you really want that).
  • Understanding
  • No matter your training experience or current condition, we'll meet where you're at and aim to build you up over time.
  • Structured
  • Keeping a basic structure to your training is important in getting results - I'll give you that framework, all you have to do is execute.
  • Support
  • You will have support throughout the process, ensuring you always have someone to be accountable to and a clear path to follow.


I have been training with Mustafa since January 2019 and couldn't recommend him enough. The advice and motivation he has provided has helped me advance much more quickly in the gym than I could have possible done on my own. Mustafa is knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. If you are a man looking for a personal trainer he is definitely worth speaking to."

- Anthony Rogers

Like any profession, there those who are good and then those who are great at what they do. Mustafa is not just great, he is an absolute professional, caring for his client, taking a specific interest in the client's goals and remembering specific details of the client, such as past injuries and problem areas. He also teaches the why. Why we are doing what we're doing so when I'm traveling the globe I can train solo. I highly recommend Mustafa as a PT."

-Stephen klemich

Experienced, effective and honest. Mustafa has been transformative for my diet, weight and physique. I am consequently the fittest, fastest and strongest I have been for some time and continue to build on the gains made through his stewardship of my training regime. I could not recommend him highly enough for any busy, professional man looking for a knowledgeable and approachable personal trainer who can help to deliver serious results."

-Dr. Kavil Patel

arrange a free strategy call to build the start of your journey.