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Podcast 2 – 2x World Champ Muay Thai Greg Wootton

Interview with two-time Muay Thai world champion Greg Wootton We cover numerous topics including: – Motivation for training – Narcissism


Lockdown Training Podcast – Episode 1

Hi guys, Hope you guys will enjoy this lockdown podcast, all about training during the lockdown with some Q&A at

Motivation, Training

3 Benefits of Home Workouts Over Gym

So it’s official… we’re on lockdown. No going out, minimal socialising, and all gyms closed. Reminds me of those school


A Classic Beginner’s Mistake In The Gym

Men like to rush. They want everything fast. Fast money, fast cars, fast women, and fast results. But as a


3 Reasons Why Jogging Is Bad For Fat Loss

I don’t get the appeal of jogging and I never have. I find it boring, it hurts my knees, and

Diet & Lifestyle

Intermittent Fasting For Fat Loss

Hi guys, Long time no speak. Today I’d like to talk about how to use intermittent fasting (IF) for fat