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We are based in a new private studio in Hammersmith (Manor W6). We help busy professionals in Hammersmith and surrounding areas lose fat and get stronger.

Our aim is to help you achieve your fitness goals while educating you at the same time, so you can sustain your results for life!

We believe in a simple to follow approach to training and eating. It should be a fulfilling part of your life (healthy) rather than completely consuming it (unhealthy).

Training sessions are tailored uniquely to your current fitness level and training experience. We start with a brief warm-up, go in to our testosterone-boosting weight training section, and finish with some conditioning to boost cardio and burn some extra calories.


  • Personal Training
  • Personal training is done on a 1-2-1 basis in our Manor W6 studio. You will be coached and led-through a full session, ensuring your technique is safe and effective and you're working at the correct intensity to see results.

    Weight training is an important component of our training sessions, and we usually end with a metabolic finisher such as boxing padwork or sprints to burn extra calories.
  • Semi-private Personal Training (max 2 people)
  • Similar to personal training but with two clients to one PT.
  • Online coaching
  • If distance is an issue, I offer an online coaching service for men looking for guidance who cannot commit to personal training.

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