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18 Things I’ve Learned About Training & Life

This is a quick one guys.. here are some things I’ve learnt about training and life over the past 4 or 5 months. Always learning!

  • Good warm-ups make decent workouts great ones. Plus they make your workouts better over time as the effects add up over months and years. I can squat better than I ever have after improving my warm-ups (stronger and better technique).
  • If you’re skinny and want to build muscle, you need to forget about having ripped abs for a while.. just eat quality foods, all day long (especially carbs).
  • If you want to grow a lagging body part, hit it twice or even three times a week for a few weeks.. volume and frequency is the key.
  • Upper back training will improve your bench press strength. I started doing 60-100 band pull-parts every day and feel much more solid in my upper back, translating to a stronger foundation for bench pressing.


  • Slow and steady is better than fast and transient. This applies to strength gains, skill acquisition, muscle building, fat loss, and pretty much anything else you can think of.
  • Having a (good) training partner or coach can be the difference between success and failure. My best sessions have been with a good training partner or coach driving me to get out of my comfort zone & stop being a sissy.
  • You must have a few ‘indicator exercises’ that you use to measure your progress over time. If you’re getting better at these exercises, you know your training is going in the right direction. Some good indicator exercises choices are: vertical jump height, number of consecutive pull-ups, deadlift, squat, bench, 40 meter sprint, etc. Make them relevant to your goals.
  • Form is absolutely everything. Drop the ego and start practicing good form if you want to get the most out of your training (unless you’re training for maximal strength where 100% perfect form is not always possible).
  • Eating before training makes a huge difference. In a nutshell, if you want to get stronger and bigger, fuel up properly before training.
  • Consistency is by far the biggest indicator of success in any athletic or life endeavour. As Woody Allen said ’80% of success is just showing up’. Don’t put off a training session just because you’re not feeling 100% – just get it done.
  • Very few people actually do what they say they will do. Very few. Be one of those people who commits to doing something and does not stop until it’s completed.
  • Being cheap is a sure fire way to make no progress in life. If you’re too cheap to pay for expertise, expect to stay stuck where you are. If someone has expertise you’d like to acquire – pay for it! It’ll benefit you in the long run.
  • Listen to your body, it’ll tell you when it needs a week off.
  • Hydration makes a massive difference. Strength, alertness, technique, endurance. Drink at all times!
  • Most novices simply need to hit the big lifts every week and get stronger. Simple but effective.
  • There are no absolutes. Nothing will work 100% of the time.. including everything I’ve said here.
  • Do something to get you out of your comfort zone now and again (I competed in a boxing match.. one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done).

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