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46 Things I’ve Learnt About Training

  1. Sleep is absolutely crucial for making progress
  2. Doing more volume = more muscle (to an extent)
  3. Too much bench press is not great for the shoulders
  4. Training a muscle slightly less but more often = better for beginners
  5. Always do pull ups
  6. You can and should go heavy on split squats & lunge variations (i.e. sets of 5)
  7. Creatine works
  8. Every rep has to mean something
  9. Diet determines results
  10. Farmers Walks should always be a part of your training
  11. Without some type of deadlift you will look like a weed
  12. Consistency trumps everything
  13. Something is always better than nothing
  14. Things do start to change a little at 30, but you can control it
  15. Eating before a session makes you feel so much stronger
  16. Holding a little back in most sessions is a good idea
  17. Holding too much back is not a good idea though
  18. Training with people is more fun than training alone
  19. Full body training is boring as hell
  20. Training can be boring or exciting depending on how much your underlying goal motivates you
  21. The thought of future pain can be your greatest motivator
  22. Balance out horizontal presses with vertical presses
  23. Strength and muscle makes a huge difference in grappling sports
  24. Yes, you can change your appetite (make it smaller or bigger)
  25. Hydration plays a huge role in how you perform in the gym
  26. You can never train too much glutes or upper back
  27. Isolate your abs at least once a week
  28. Effective training is usually boring
  29. Standing exercises usually translate to better fat loss
  30. Form > weight
  31. Nothing beats getting stronger over time
  32. Most people will never do a good press-up
  33. Some people are genetically blessed and you will never replicate their results
  34. Everyone is capable of at least ‘getting in shape’
  35. Wearing a whole Gymshark outfit to the gym = pathetic
  36. A strong grip must always be maintained
  37. Nothing beats old school barbells, dumbbells, and bodyweight
  38. Eating at regular intervals is the key to gaining muscle
  39. Having a coach is huge for results (in-person or online, the key is to get help)
  40. Fat loss starts from the face down
  41. Men who complain and moan during leg sessions are not men
  42. Soreness is good sometimes, but usually it doesn’t mean anything
  43. Antagonist supersets are excellent for saving time (i.e. push-pull)
  44. Being at the right gym will positively affect your training
  45. Wearing a Jump Lift Sprint shirt will increase muscle activation by 8.7%
  46. Most protein bars contain soya protein, too much of which isn’t great for men

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