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Advice To Skinny Guys


No matter how you sugarcoat it, the reasons we train often boil down to one thing – insecurity. Some of the most driven athletes in the world are also the most insecure.

Me, for example. I am naturally skinny. The skinnier I am, the less confident I feel.

If I stop training and start eating less, I will shrink rapidly. I had a boxing match in 2015 where I cut down to 68 kg, and though it was the right thing for the fight, outside the ring, I felt like a powerless twig.

I’m nowhere near ‘bodybuilder hench’ (nor do I have the desire to be), but I now weigh 77 kg and the feeling of my arms hugging my sleeves is a huge boost to my self-esteem.  The feeling I felt at 68 kg was almost as if I was insignificant.

Below is me at 68 kg, just before my fight:

Me at 77 kg, performing the same movement:


Fact is, human beings are like primates – how big we are matters when it comes to the way others view us. While you can’t control how tall you are, you can control (to a certain extent) how lean you are. So control it.

A few kilograms can make all the difference in the world. It can make people respect you more, it makes females more likely to look at you, and it makes you a more menacing prospect in a confrontation.

The sad thing is, skinny guys tend to be very stubborn. I was the same way. Following a crappy routine and seeing no results at all. I see it everyday.

Here’s some news.. you are being lied to.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was on roids. That incredibly ripped and wham athlete you follow on Insta is probably on roids. It’s unlikely you’ll look like them by doing their training programme (unless you too do roids). The same is true for many celebrity female weight loss DVDs etc.

Forget the movie stars and celebrities. Just focus on a long-term, sensible plan for getting stronger.

Channel your self-consciousness in a positive way by putting energy into your workouts and nutrition. Take it too far, though, and it becomes a vice. There’s nothing lamer than constant posing, topless selfies, and not being able to enjoy a restaurant because it doesn’t fit your ‘macros’.

My advice to skinny guys is as follows:

  1. Stop thinking you’re smarter than everyone else!
  2. Learn and do the BASICS well. To begin with – goblet squats, press-ups, pull-ups, sled work, inverted rows, kettlebell deadlifts, farmers carries, planks. All that good stuff. Get STRONGER.
  3. Stop doing so much cardio. Why on Earth do you run for 5 miles every day yet complain about being skinny? Fact is, when trying to put on muscle, you’re going to have to sacrifice a little cardio for a while. You can reduce it to 1-2 times a week (short duration, high intensity cardio for the most part).
  4. You need to start eating. Even when you don’t feel hungry. Your stomach will adapt over time as you increase the size of your meals. Don’t bother with supplements such as BCAA or creatine, just eat well (protein powder is ok).
  5. Forget about having perfectly defined abs for a while. If you’re eating how you’re supposed to, you’ll probably accumulate a little bit of fat. As long as it’s minor, keep going. If you’re getting a belly, cut back.
  6. Just start. Do a full body split 3 days a week and be consistent! Don’t analyse or search for the next best thing – the principles never change.

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