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Lockdown Training Podcast – Episode 1

Hi guys, Hope you guys will enjoy this lockdown podcast, all about training during the lockdown with some Q&A at

Motivation, Training

3 Benefits of Home Workouts Over Gym

So it’s official… we’re on lockdown. No going out, minimal socialising, and all gyms closed. Reminds me of those school


A Classic Beginner’s Mistake In The Gym

Men like to rush. They want everything fast. Fast money, fast cars, fast women, and fast results. But as a


3 Reasons Why Jogging Is Bad For Fat Loss

I don’t get the appeal of jogging and I never have. I find it boring, it hurts my knees, and

Diet & Lifestyle

Intermittent Fasting For Fat Loss

Hi guys, Long time no speak. Today I’d like to talk about how to use intermittent fasting (IF) for fat


Burn Fat In 20 Minutes Or Less

Long time no speak guys, so let me get straight to the point.. can you burn fat in 20 minutes