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Exercise of the week – Zercher lunge

I like to play around with different exercises to keep training interesting and prevent the body adapting to what I’m doing.

Doing the same exercise week-in week-out is important, but there also comes a time where your body will no longer react to the exercise the way it once did.

As they say, “there’s no time like the first time”.

That’s where you have to switch it up.

I love all types of single leg lunge movements, but here’s one that you will probably never have seen – the Zercher lunge.

My client Federico is performing this one at during our training in Acton.

As you can see, ‘Zercher’ refers to the position of the barbell – in the crook of the elbows.

Zerchers can be used for squats and even good mornings.

The holding of the bar in this position has three main benefits:

1) Scorches the abs. This one develops a rock solid core you’ll be proud to let your wife touch!

2) Forces you to work your upper back and stay in extension (i.e. better posture during the exercise).

3) Fantastic recruitment of the glutes and quads. Even with a low weight, I felt this one the next day.

Give it a try and let me know how it went.


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