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How to do a Turkish Get-Up

Yeah, I’m back.. talking about the Turkish Get-Up again.. =/

As I said in my previous post, many athletes make the mistake of using exercises that are either straight forward or straight back. Barely any sports are played this way!

That’s why I’m always banging on about the The Turkish Get-up (‘TGU’ from here on). The TGU incorporates different movements and muscle groups, and crucially for athletes, moves in different planes of motion (not just front to back).

Most people who add TGUs to their training soon feel more agile and mobile. Believe it or not, agility does not come from flashy ladder drills. It comes from total body strength, and the ability to slow down, speed up, and push off in a different direction.

Holding the weight above your head during a TGU makes you stabilise and tighten up your whole body. You have to control every inch of the movement.. failure to do so will result in your skull getting smashed in.

Bottom line, you want improved agility, mobility, and total body strength, start doing this.

The TGU looks like some Cirque du Soleil sh*t to most people, so here’s my attempt to break it down for you.

These are the steps I’d suggest you go through when learning the get-up. 

Do it over the course of a few weeks and go super slow during every rep!

Naked Get-Up


Shoe get-up



Half get-up


Turkish get-up


Shoe get-up fail

Hope this helps guys!!

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Samantha says July 12, 2017


Please do more articles/ videos on how women can workout. Thanks

    Mustafa says July 12, 2017

    Hi Samantha,

    What specifically do you want information on?

Samantha says July 13, 2017

Hi Mustafa,

Preferably on leg workouts and arms. How to tone and slim down those parts of the body. I can see from your website that you give a lot of advice and tips to males (which are really informative and useful to know). But I would really appreciate it if you could do the same for your female viewers. Thanks

    Mustafa says August 4, 2017

    Hi Samantha,

    All that stuff you mentioned comes as a result of a good diet and consistent training with a healthy mix of weights and cardio. That’s not really my main area of focus for the site!

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