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The 24 keys to athleticism

This is a quick post I thought I’d make outlining what I believe to be the 24 keys to athleticism. Despite the name, it’s by no means a fully-exhaustive list, and no doubt you probably have scores of your own points you’d like to add on.

Comment below if you do. Enjoy!

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Top 4 athletic animals and what they can teach humans

I’ve always been fascinated by wildlife and I hold great admiration for their raw strength, power, agility, and grace. I’ve been lucky enough to have been up close to many of these wonderful athletic animals, and I believe we can learn a lot from wildlife and nature about how the world works, even in the ‘civilised society’ we live in today. One of those things animals can teach us a thing or two about, of course, is athleticism.


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The importance of a proper warm-up

Ahh, the warm-up. That thing most people really don’t want to do (and if they can get away with it, they don’t). You’re not most people though. A classic example is that of a football warm-up. Let’s say you’re about to play 5-a-side with your friends, what usually happens? You get on the pitch, take your balls out (n.h), and start banging them at the ‘keeper as hard as you possibly can.. yeah, I know, we all do it, it’s the ‘English’ warm-up as one coach so eloquently put it… more like the eediots’ warm-up.

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‘Becoming A Supple Leopard’ book review

Welcome back – today we bring you a review of the book ‘Becoming A Supple Leopard‘, one I have made reference to previously in the post ‘How I got rid of back pain while squatting‘. Now some of you may prematurely ask why I am reviewing a children’s book about panthers or whatever –  however I can assure you that this book is some serious sh*t!Continue reading

How I got rid of lower back pain while squatting

Lower back pain during squatting is very common among gym rats, and as anyone who has ever experienced it knows, it’s bloody annoying. You go into the gym hyped up because you’re on course to set your squat PR.. and you end up having to cut your workout short because your lower back is screaming in pain every time you get to the bottom of the movement. Continue reading