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Turning weaknesses into strengths

In life, we always have things we’re good at and things we’re not so good at. Nobody is perfect in every area.

But to progress in life, we have to address our weak points until they no longer hold us back. If that weak point is something within our control, we can ALWAYS work on it and improve it.

In terms of fitness, everybody has certain body parts/areas they need to work on. If you’re a guy, you may feel your biceps are not big enough or your shoulders aren’t wide enough. Standard thoughts for many guys to be fair.

For years I prioritised training my legs because they were my strength.

I neglected my chest and shoulders because I couldn’t push a lot of weight with them. Instead of addressing the issue and taking matters into my own hands, I allowed my upper body to remain a weakness and an area I wasn’t proud of.

Only recently have I added size and strength by really prioritising this area, which I’ll tell you how to do below.

Let’s use the upper back as an example – you want to fill it out, making it thicker and wider. Here’s how you would go about it.

Pick a compound exercise that works that muscle group (i.e. barbell row shown below).

Aim to get strong as possible in this exercise.

Do this compound movement first in your session, when you can really devote your energy to it.

After doing this first movement, add 3-5 ‘accessory’ exercises into your programme (i.e. cable rows, inverted rows, lat pulldowns, chin-ups etc).

If you don’t already, you can dedicate a whole session purely to this body part (i.e. ‘back day’ or ‘pull day’).

To make the session even more effective, attack this session at the start of the week when you’re freshest.

You can even add in certain back exercises on unrelated training days (I used to superset upper back exercises like face pulls with leg exercises on leg day, as neither exercise interfered with the other).

This helps give you more overall training volume, which is great for increasing size and strength.

Another way of increasing volume is to do more sets of a given exercise. For example, instead of 3 sets of barbell rows, do 4-5. More volume = more muscle growth.

(However, it’s important to bear in mind that too much volume can stress your system, so you have to reduce volume elsewhere temporarily. Doing lots of sets of the same exercise over time can cause overuse injuries, so be smart.)

Learn how to do the exercises properly – being able to activate the correct muscles will help you improve muscle size and strength. Poor technique will cause injury and you won’t work the target muscles properly.

If you have a weak point you want to address, dedicate a good 4-8 weeks to it and then go back to your normal training regime after.

Thank me later, and if you need help with training, hit me up for online coaching or in-person training in Chiswick.


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