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What is your event?

Whattup people, Mustafa here.

This past weekend, I have just returned from Slovenia where I had the pleasure of participating in a Martin Rooney workshop.

Martin is the founder of Training For Warriors and one of the greatest speakers I’ve ever had the chance to hear live.

Mustafa Tahir and Martin Rooney at Training For Warriors

Aside from learning lots of dope stuff that I’ll use in my training plans, Martin has an awesome ability to inspire and motivate.

If I only had one thing to take away from that weekend, it’s that the ability to maintain motivation is king.

Without motivation, there are no results.

So now I’ll discuss how to get (and stay) motivated.

In today’s digital age, you can buy pretty much anything you want. Toys, drugs, plane tickets.. even mail order brides. It’s all available at the click of the button.

There are some things however that money can’t buy.

Some things they don’t sell on Amazon.

One of those things is motivation.

If you go to any commercial gym in the world, there’s usually only a small group of people who train hard.

This group usually compromises about 10% of the gym members, and they train like machines.

Like the T1000 in Terminator 2, they keep going no matter what gets thrown at them.

When they don’t feel like going to the gym, they still go. And they go hard.

That leaves the other 90%.

They only turn up ‘when they feel like it’. And when they do, their workouts suck. They don’t train with any intensity. They don’t have a plan.

You can see the boredom etched across their face in every crunch they do.

At the first sign of muscle soreness or discomfort, they quit. They make excuses.

But what’s the difference between the 10% and the rest? Are they born with the motivation to train?


Some people just seem to be born with an aptitude for sports and exercise. It comes natural to them.

On the other hand, some people grow up avoiding sporting pursuits because they feel out of place or awkward.

Yes, it’s true. Some people are more ‘sporty’ than others.

God made us in different forms. We all have our unique gifts.

However, just because you don’t seem to be endowed with natural athleticism, it doesn’t mean you can’t train hard and develop what you were born with.

Humankind was designed to move, exercise, and work hard.

We were not designed to sit in cubicles, drink beer, and watch Netflix all night. Exercise comes natural to our species.

The first homo-sapiens certainly did not sit around doing nothing all day. They had to work for their survival.

(I’m listening to the Gladiator soundtrack right now and this sh*t has all me all fired up).

One of the basic ways you can start reclaiming your primal gifts is to start sprinting. It couldn’t be more simple, doesn’t require equipment, and it will get you in the shape of your life.

Talk is cheap.

I’m sure we all know people who start working out, post a few motivational quotes on their social media feed, and two months later they’ve fallen off the wagon.

I’m just as guilty. We make excuses, we procastinate.. and we end up just the same as we were.

So how do we cultivate the motivation needed to train hard?

One of the best ways is to surround yourself with other highly motivated people.

If all your friends train hard and are part of the 10%, you too will eventually start to do the same. You’ll become part of that 10% too.

And when you combine this with a having defined goal or event, you become even more powerful.

You become unstoppable.

As an example, look at the story of my client and friend, Ben (@hunterofficial1 on Instagram).

Ben was an amateur boxer as a youth but took a very long time away from training. He started training again only recently, but he’d probably be the first to admit he wasn’t training at full intensity.

However, 12 weeks ago he managed to set a date for an amateur bout – June 20th.

We’ve been in training since that time and I can honestly say that I’ve never seen anyone work harder or more ferociously than Ben.

As soon as the fight date was set, Ben’s whole mindset and attitude became that of a warrior.

No missed training sessions. No moaning. Full concentration. Never say die attitude.

He’s going to war. Warriors need to be ready to fight.


I’m not saying you have to arrange a fight – your event could be anything.

You might have a football tournament coming up. You might be going to the beach in a month. You might want to run a 100 m sprint in under 12 seconds. You might want to look good at your wedding.

(In my opinion though, when it comes to physique goals, you should also try to build some sort of performance goal into it. That way the gym doesn’t turn into a grind.)

Without an event to train for, you may end up just drifting in the wind.. or even worse, jogging on the treadmill.

Having an event to train for will light a fire inside you and give you a reason to persist through even the most difficult challenges.

So who are you? What is your event?


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