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Hammersmith Based Personal Training Specialising In Helping Busy Professional Men Lose Weight, Get Stronger & Feel Better


We'll focus on your unique needs and goals rather than a generic cookie-cutter approach. I'll give you accountability and support to get you the fat-loss results you want.


Having trained hundreds of men to lose weight & get stronger, I have developed a tried-and-tested system that allows you to get predictable results.


While quick-fix diets & routines can be very appealing, they usually don't last. In fact, you usually end up worse than before. I focus on small, sustainable changes that yield big returns in the long-term.

The 4 step action plan



Apply for a coaching call to discover how you can lose weight, get stronger and take charge of your body again.



Together we will lay out an action plan to help you begin your fitness journey.



Book a Kickstart trial and get moving in the right direction.



Finally start to lose the gut and look better in a shirt. My role will be to support you all the way through.

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“I have been training with Mustafa since January 2019 and couldn't recommend him enough. The advice and motivation he has provided has helped me advance much more quickly in the gym than I could have possible done on my own. Mustafa is knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. If you are a man looking for a personal trainer he is definitely worth speaking to.”

-Anthony Rogers

“Experienced, effective and honest. Mustafa has been transformative for my diet, weight and physique. I am consequently the fittest, fastest and strongest I have been for some time and continue to build on the gains made through his stewardship of my training regime. I could not recommend him highly enough for any busy, professional man looking for a knowledgeable and approachable personal trainer who can help to deliver serious results.”

-Dr Kavil Patel

“Like any profession, there those who are good and then those who are great at what they do. Mustafa is not just great, he is an absolute professional, caring for his client, taking a specific interest in the client's goals and remembering specific details of the client, such as past injuries and problem areas. He also teaches the why. Why we are doing what we're doing so when I'm traveling the globe I can train solo. I highly recommend Mustafa as a PT.”

-Stephen Klemich

Are You Sick and Tired of Being Sick & Tired?

Busy professional men struggle with staying in shape. I have a system that helps men lose weight so they can feel stronger, more confident & take charge of their lives again. I'm Mustafa, and before I became a coach I was a full-time pharmacist. The 'office-worker' lifestyle of constant sitting and sugary snacks soon took it's toll. I felt sluggish, soft round the middle, and depressed. Working out and focusing on my lifestyle offered me a way out, and I soon felt leaner, stronger and much better about myself.

Get Your Pride Back

After seeing guys in their 30s out of shape and suffering with diabetes and high blood pressure, I decided to focus on helping them get back to their best. I can relate to the struggle of modern day life: work, family responsibilities, constant distractions, tempting fast food and home entertainment like Netflix! As modern men, we really are up against it. I want to help guys not just lose weight and get stronger, but to feel good again.

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